What We Do

OPI is able to examine all county operations, report its findings to Law Enforcement, issue reports, and provide recommendations to improve effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

OPI has the authority to require any county employee, head of department or member of any board or commission to furnish data, information or statements as needed, except where prohibited by law. OPI is also authorized to investigate and audit any county employee, vendor or contractor.

Any instance of waste, fraud or abuse may be examined by OPI.

OPI also collaborates with Monroe County Department heads, as requested, as an investigative resource for departmental operations.

OPI does not get involved in routine personnel matters. In any case where there is already an investigative function handled by the county, OPI will refer cases to the appropriate authority. (For example, while the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office personnel are County Employees, the MCSO Internal Affairs unit has jurisdiction over sworn officers.) OPI may investigate allegations that an investigative unit perpetrated fraud or abuse.

OPI has jurisdiction over any County Employee, vendor or contractor, but does not have jurisdiction over non-county employees, vendors of other than county contracts, or contractors when not involved in county business or on county properties. We also do not investigate Equal Opportunity Commission matters.  If a complaint is about any of these thing please see our “Other Resources” page.

OPI acts as the Monroe County Inspector General’s Office, and conforms to the PRINCIPLES AND STANDARDS FOR OFFICES OF INSPECTOR GENERAL as published by the Association of Inspectors General.