The Office of Public Integrity functions as the Inspector General’s Office for Monroe County.

OPI accomplishes its mission by way of auditing, providing risk assessments, investigating and training.

Audits are performed based on 5 control objectives


Compliance with laws, regulations, and contracts

Accomplishment of goals and objectives

Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information

Effectiveness and efficiency of operations

Safeguarding Assets

OPI maintains a Whistleblower Hotline, where any concerned party may report suspected illegal or unethical activity. Investigations, audits and risk assessments may also be initiated by request of the administration, County Legislature, or department head.

OPI guarantees whistleblower status to an individual who, in good faith, reports any illegal or unethical activities by county employees, vendors or contractors.

OPI maintains the confidentiality of anyone who contacts us to the greatest extent possible. (At some point OPI may be forced to reveal whistleblower identity to a court, in an administrative action regarding employee discipline, etc. Even when this happens, the reporting person is covered under state and federal laws protecting them from retaliation.)

OPI trainings are incorporated into the Monroe County Department of Human Resources electronic onboarding for all new employees. OPI also has an online Ethics training that all county employees are required to attend yearly.

OPI submits a report yearly to the Monroe County Legislature detailing all OPI Activity.

These reports are presented on this website under the “Annual Report” page.